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The success of conventional lubricating oils is predicated upon maintaining a high film strength oil barrier between two surfaces moving relative to each other. Lupromax is a proprietary lubricant which takes normal lubrication a step further, in that it not only has a superior film strength but also appears to impregnate the steel itself, metallurgically, at the friction surfaces.

When activated by heat Lupromax fuses itself to the metal surface. In this way, it actually seals the pores of the metal surfaces, smoothening out the asperities of the metal surfaces without changing any tolerances. The  smoother surfaces developed through the use of Lupromax reduces friction, thus reducing wear and prolonging equipment life. The lubricated parts perform much more efficiently.

In engines, the efficiency gained through the use of Lupromax improves performance in every aspect, with better compression and more power resulting in lower fuel consumption. Further savings occur because the engine runs cleaner, in the short term the oil can be replaced less frequently and the engine itself suffers reduced wear and tear.

Lupromax is a very versatile additive for numerous lubrication applications. It is a non-harmful, environmentally friendly metal conditioner. Unlike many other extreme pressure (EP) additives Lupromax is non-particulate thus eliminating the fear of clogging the oil-filter.

Try Lupromax today to dramatically improve the performance of your equipment. Better fuel economy and cleaner running in engines, or reduced wear in metal-on metal applications.