Lupromax Australia Website Launched

Lupromax Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the new Australia website. Having been established in Australia for a year or so Lupromax Australia is beginning to expand it's marketing activities to better target the markets of the transport, mining, oil & gas and industry.

LUPROMAX®-EA is a proprietary metal and engine oil conditioner. Lupromax-EA Engine Oil Additive is a slightly viscous amber liquid developed as an oil additive to protect the surfaces of metal against premature wearing that occurs with even the best of conventional oils.

Lupromax-EA is an anti-friction oil additive concentrate, formulated with a proprietary sulfurized ester and petroleum base product. It uses Heat Activated Technology (HAT) to achieve exceptional lubrication results. When activated by heat, the E.P. (Extreme Pressure) agent in Lupromax-EA attaches itself to the metal surface, sealing the pores of metal surfaces and smoothening surface asperities without changing any tolerances

Lupromax-EA blends easily with other lubricants when mixed with lubrication fluids, making it a very versatile additive for enhancing numerous lubrication applications. 

Several products are available with solid particle additives (graphite, moly, Teflon) in an effort to add extreme pressure capability to the lubricant. Lupromax lubricants are non-particulate, containing only pure petroleum and petroleum additives, and perform without the negatives associated with solid particle additives. It is a non-harmful environmentally friendly metal conditioner, which will have no adverse effects on any components within the engine, including filters.

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